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Deck Washing

Prepare your Duluth home for summer entertainment with our professional deck washing services! We use gentle pressure washing to clean your wood or composite deck thoroughly and safely. From deck washing to house washing, Premier Pressure Washing and Reconditioning is proud to provide the best in professional residential pressure washing for Duluth and beyond. Just give us a call at 404-348-2861 to schedule your deck washing service today!

Porch & Patio Cleaning

Premier Pressure Washing and Reconditioning is here to transform your outdoor spaces into pristine havens of relaxation and entertainment. Over time, porches and patios can accumulate dirt, grime, mold, algae, and other unsightly contaminants, diminishing their beauty and safety. Our expert team employs state-of-the-art pressure washing techniques to rejuvenate these areas, restoring their original charm and ensuring they are safe for your family and guests.

Our porch and patio cleaning services not only enhance the aesthetics of your outdoor spaces but also improve their durability and longevity. We tailor our approach to your specific needs, whether you have wooden decks, concrete patios, or stone porches. With meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to using eco-friendly cleaning solutions, Premier Pressure Washing and Reconditioning ensures a thorough and environmentally responsible clean. Trust us to revitalize your porches and patios, creating inviting spaces for relaxation, entertainment, and outdoor enjoyment.

Slip-Free Outdoor Living Spaces With Deck Washing

Build-ups of dirt and grime on your deck can in turn lead to the growth of moss and algae. These substances are not only damaging to your wood or composite deck but can also create a slipping hazard for you and your family or guests. With regular deck washing services from Premier Pressure Washing and Reconditioning, you can provide a safe and clean deck surface for you and your family to enjoy.

Frequently Asked Deck Washing Questions

They sure are! We care about the environment and your family's health and safety just as much as we care about cleaning your home. That's why we make sure all our cleaning supplies and detergents are environmentally friendly and won't damage your landscaping and plants. Using these supplies is also better for your home, as harsh chemicals can cause damage to surfaces over time. You can rest easy knowing that we're using the best and safest cleaning supplies on the market when we clean your property.

We use soft washing to thoroughly clean away all dirt and moss from your deck surface. Soft washing uses a combination of gentle water pressure and detergents to break down and wash away dirt and grime. While there's no guarantee moss won't grow back eventually, we can guarantee that you'll have no moss on your deck when we're done with it.

Substances like moss, algae, and even mold can grow on your deck during the wet months, creating slippery surfaces and potentially causing damage to your deck. We recommend scheduling a deck washing for spring or early summer. This way you can wash away the winter grime and prepare your space for a summer of outdoor relaxation.

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