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When you need expert pressure washing in Sugar Hill, contact Premier Pressure Washing and Reconditioning. When you need careful but thorough roof cleaning, you should still contact our team.

We do it all, and what's most important is that we offer the low-pressure washing method that's necessary for surfaces like rooftops. Your roof is prone to growth like algae and moss, in addition to being constantly exposed to the elements.

It's already taking enough abuse and wear and tear, so ensure that your roof cleaning isn't causing even more damage. Trust us with your most valuable investment - your home and your roof - and we promise to clean it with caution and care.

Roofing Cleaning Is An Essential Part Of Your Home Maintenance

The bottom line is that you need regular roof cleaning to protect your roof so that it can protect your home. Like house washing, low-pressure washing is the preferred method to use so that you get only clean results instead of the risk of damages. Your rooftop gets exposed to conditions and contaminants that can really take a toll on it:

  • Mildew and other living organisms
  • Algae that feeds off the granules and damages your shingles
  • Trapped moisture that causes rot
  • Roof darkening that causes your energy bills to soar
  • Dirt, bird droppings, and other things that tarnish the look

The average asphalt shingle rooftop has a lifespan of about 20 years. However, fail to take good care of your roof, and you can drastically shorten that longevity.

Trust The Roof Cleaning Team That Cares

For features of your home's exterior that require more care than pressure washing has to offer, let Premier Pressure Washing and Reconditioning handle the job. We'll safely remove those spots and stains, restoring your rooftop to good as new condition.

Our cleaning system works great for asphalt shingles, tile, metal, and more. Plus, we can take care of your roof cleaning no matter what size the job is.

Don't leave the work to anyone less than the best; your roof is simply too important for inferior treatment. Also, don't make the mistake of trying to clean your own roof; it's too complicated and potentially hazardous of a job, and you might not get results like:

  • Remove Contaminants
  • Improve Curb Appeal
  • Maximize the Lifespan
  • Reduce Repair Needs
  • Increase the Property Value

We look forward to showing you why we're the preferred cleaning team in the area. For your roof cleaning and other related services, call for service today in Sugar Hill.

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