Driveway Pressure Washing in Duluth, GA

Driveway Pressure Washing in Duluth, GA

We had a customer call us that needed help rather quickly. They were trying to close on this house but the HOA said they need to have the driveway pressure washed first before doing so. They needed this done in one day and on top of that there was no water on at the house. We have a 525 gallon water tank so that was no issue. We were able to get the driveway pressure washed in the time they needed.

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My company had an emergency need for pressure washing. We were trying to close on a home, and the HOA wouldn’t clear the closing unless we cleaned the driveway. We had only 1 day and no water at the property. Premier Pressure Washing saved us. When I called Nick was incredibly helpful. They were able to do the work the same day. The quality of their work was excellent!! Thank you Premier. You saved us!

- Sheila H

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